(taken from a 17th century French Salle D’Armes)

1. No Swearing or using the Holy Name of God.

2. Do not use indecent language or sing dirty songs.

3. Do not tease anyone, as it is annoying and Vulgar.

4. Do not make fun of anyone’s fencing.

5. Do not draw your Sword in the Salle d’Armes.

6. Do not fence without Gloves.

7. Do not fence while wearing your Sword.

8. Do not disturb people while they are fencing.

9. Do not drag the button of your Foil on the floor.

10. Do not fence if you have been drinking.

11. No drinking or smoking in the Salle.

12. Be polite to Visitors and offer to lend them Foils, with the Fencing Master’s approval.

13. Foils broken by Visitors will be charged to the Lender.

14. Foils broken by Students will be charged to him who is holding the rest of the Foil.

15. If one knocks the Foil out of his opponent’s hand, he should retrieve it promptly and return it politely.

16. If, unfortunately, there is a hit on the face, he who makes that hit should admit it forthrightly.

17. If they wish, Students may exercise in the Salle d’Armes whenever it is open, except for Sundays and Holidays.

18. Students should take fencing lessons regularly and not wait until they are obliged to fight a duel.

19. The Student must pay for all Foils broken while exercising with the Fencing Master or Prevost d’Armes.

20. It is to the honor of the Student to pay for his lessons fully, the agreed upon price and on time.

Supplemental Rules from CAA 2010:

21. Do not offer advice or criticize another’s technique or performance unless invited or requested to do so.

22. Do not boast one weapon’s superiority to another’s, lest one invite the wrath of the Master.

23. Do not borrow other’s equipment - especially the coach’s - without first asking permission.

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