Fencing Documents

So maybe you've done some fencing for a while but you STILL don't know what a 'patinando' is or what the penalty is for removing your mask before 'HALT!' is called by the referee? Well, you've come to the right place.

Make sure you know the rules!

Want a good workout when you're NOT at a training session?

How about a bit of background on the sport and its RICH history?

Who else fences? Or has fenced?

It's all here!!

Here are several documents that are necessities for Fencers - recreational and most certainly for competition-oriented athletes.

A Brief History and Overview of the Sport of Fencing

Basic Fencing Terminology

The Rules of Modern Fencing

The Referee Hand Signals Chart

The Penalty Chart

A Basic Footwork Workout

An Hour-long (almost!) Comprehensive Fencing Workout

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