Note-August 2011


How We Classify Our Fencers

All regular, enrolled fencing students are classified according to ability to attend classes, competitions, and their own personal interest level as either Recreational or Competitive.

Recreational Fencers are students who can only or only want to come once or twice per week to Group Training classes are considered part of the Recreational Fencer Program by default. These fencers are not worried about receiving ratings by competing in regional or national events and are simply fencing for the fun and camaradarie! There's nothing wrong with that!

Competitive Fencers have decided they want to COMPETE! They want to go to as many local, regional, and national events as possible to gain experience. They want to become ranked in the Tennessee Division. Because of this motivation and mindset, Competitive Fencers MUST train MUCH more often and more seriously than Recreational Fencers. The competition at each higher-level tournament becomes proportionately more intense. Therefore, Competitive Fencers must schedule a MINIMUM of Group Training twice per week, at least one Open Fencing training time, and four regularly scheduled Private Lessons per month with the Coach.

Is there a difference between the classes and the club? Is there a fee to be a part of the Memphis Fencers Club?

The Memphis Fencers Club is a group of competitive fencers who wish to improve their competition skills through intense sparring and at organized competitions. Club/Practice times are not generally class times; club times are for refining, deepening, polishing, and perfecting competition skills - the only way to do this is regularly spar and compete. Fencers who only come to Practice/Club times pay either a Drop-In Fee or pay a monthly Club Fee that is lower than Training Fees to help with the upkeep and expense of practice and scoring equipment and to help offset fees for hosting tournaments on site. 

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