The St. Michael’s Cup

NEXT ST. MICHAEL’S CUP: JAN 30, 2015 at 7pm at CBHS!

Coach Tom (L) and victorious Capt. Devin Geiger (R) hold the St. Michael's Cup after a close duel with MUS!

At the annual matchup in basketball between CBHS and MUS in January, a tradition has occurred for the last several years (since 2005) at halftime: a 5-touch fencing exhibition duel between the best fencers of each school called the St Michael's Cup. The winners take charge of an audacious Stanley-Cup wannabe trophy and, of course, bragging rights. CBHS has only lost twice out of the nine times the Cup has been contested!

The fencers representing CBHS in order have been:

2005 David Cash (victory)

2006 David Cash (victory)

2007 David Cash (victory)

2008 Ted Wyatt (defeat)

2009 Peter Wetzel (defeat)

2010 Peter Wetzel (victory)

2011 Peter Wetzel (victory)

2012 Peter Wetzel (victory)

2013 Uncontested

2014 Devin Geiger (victory)

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