SGS Fencing




2014-2015 Fencing Season

The St. George's High School Fencing Team was started in 2010 by SGS student Jake Doan (the Team's first Captain and now at Indiana U) and Coach Tom Knowles. 

In 2012 at the TN Secondary School Fencing Championships, SGS Gryphons finished 3rd in Team Epee and then-Capt Jake Doan tied for 3rd in Individual Epee.

Capt Alex Merino is carrying on the torch of SGS Fencer achievements by placing first at several local and regional competitions. His accomplishments are now becoming very numerous!

Recent Accomplishments:

2014 Nov - Merino takes first at Oxford MS tournament called The Gathering!

2014 Nov - Merino takes first at National Junior Olympic Qualifiers for TN!

2014-2015 SGS Gryphon Fencers


Alex Merino (R) wearing his signature red mask: in action vs an MUS fencer. He is winning 7 - 4 in a DE (direct elimination) bout. The bout - which he won - is over when one of the fencers reaches 15 points.

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